Monday, August 19, 2013


Please answer the following prompts:  Be honest and specific:

1.  What inspires YOU?
2.  How are you staking your identity?
3.  What keeps you from finding that identity or being who you are (or do you even know who that is yet?)


  1. 1) What inspires me is listening. Listening to other peoples' ideas/struggles/experiences inspires me to do better or to move forward or to be creative with my own ideas.
    2) I am staking my identity with great pride. I love who I am and I am proud of myself for the things I've done and the person I am becoming whether it is because of good or bad choices in the past. Everything I do is a part of who I am.
    3) I have a pretty good idea of who I am as an individual but I have a lot of growing to do. What keeps me from being who I am is situations that challenge my character. It is hard to stay firm in who you are when you are forced to question what makes you that way.

  2. 1) What inspires me the most is listening to people that are empowering such as MLK or Gandhi. Those people have such powerful messages and voices it inspires me to stand up for what I believe in.
    2) I am staking my identity with joy. I love being myself and seeing how everyone differs from each other. Being myself is the only thing I know how to be.
    3) What keeps me from finding my identity is myself. I love myself and I love who I am but sometimes I am shy to show off who I really am.

  3. 1) What inspires me is seeing the brokenness and beauty of the world. Beauty inspires me because I want to contribute part to the lasting beauty, but brokenness also inspires me. When I see how broken the world is, I am motivated to do something to CHANGE it.
    2) I am staking my identity with fearlessness. I know that sometimes I am not going to know who I want to be because everything outside of myself is going to constantly conflict what I believe. But who cares about the rest of the world? It’s my life and I am going to step blindly into the next adventure.
    3) I argue with myself a lot. So what keeps me from figuring out who I am is me. Even with other people questioning who I am and what I believe, it is the problem when I start to question myself.

  4. 1. What inspires me is both curiosity and the want to make something better. When I am overcome with curiosity nothing is going to stop from me satisfying my need to know. This in itself can be a bad and a good thing. But the curiosity inspires me to be determined. And when I write a paper or know my 1st touch in soccer can be better I’m inspired by my own drive to improve them both.
    2. I stake my identity with laughter. I am always happy and giggling about something. And I think that gives me the identity of a happy and fun person that people want to be friends with. And you can never have enough friends.
    3. I think jealousy keeps me from being me. I see someone else with a trait, like charisma and I want to change my own personality to have the charisma that they do. And that’s me hiding and pretending to be someone I am not.

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  6. 1) What inspires me is seeing others being 100% themselves and making a difference in the world at the same time. These people are leaving there own individual foot print on time through their creativity and persistence. Just look at people like Martin Luther King, Henry Ford, and Ernest Hemingway. They shaped America into what it is today. If thats not inspiring, I don't know what is.
    2) I am staking my identity with happiness and humility. I am a firm believer that you can choose to be happy, and I make that choice every day when I wake up. I also believe that humility is one of the most important qualities a person can posses. You are just one out of the 7 billion people on this planet, so everyone should try to spend time helping others.
    3) Some things that keep me from being myself is presure in school and by your friends to be something better. We are all trying to fit the mold, and to fit it. Its hard to break out and risk everything to find yourself.

  7. 1)I personally get inspired by what others and myself can accomplish through short or a long amounts of time.These accomplishments can be as big as fighting cancer and winning or getting the first point in a game. When I see these things happen, it gives me hope and courage to do something big.
    2)I am trying to stake my identity with leadership and joy. I believe that when you want something done, you have to take charge and be the leader to get the task done.Not only is getting tasks done a good thing, but making jokes and having fun while doing the task will bring more joy into lives of others and brighten the mood of the day.
    3)I believe that other peoples expectations keep me from being or finding who I really am. I cant do it my way because I have to do the task how someone else wants it.In this world its hard to go out of the boundaries find your own way.

  8. 1) My inspiration comes from music. Good music peaks my interest, plays with my emotions and makes me want to do great things and create beauty (in art, writing, etc. . .). Solo piano music usually does the above as well as anything from rock to classical to electronic, even some foreign music (NO COUNTRY). Most of my inspiration comes from music but some of it comes from stories, whether that would be a t.v. show, a movie, a poem or a book (and sometimes I can find a story in art).
    2) I’m attempting to stake my identity by influencing the world. I want to write a story or poems that people will read and enjoy, or maybe write a song and play it to the world’s ever listening ears.
    3) I still need to work on my “identity staking” goal. I need to practice writing and work on my piano skills until I can inspire people like others have inspired me.

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  10. 1.) What inspires me the most are the men and women in the military because they will help fight for what they believe, help others and protect. This inspires me to help others no matter what and to stand up for what I believe is right.
    2.) I am staking my identity with laughter and happiness. I love to laugh and I love to be myself because it makes me a more fun person to be around and my friends and other people like that about me.
    3.)What keeps me from being who I am would be that when I don’t really know people I can be shy because I am not sure what they will think of me and I don’t want to be judge. So it keeps me from being who I really am.

  11. 1. What inspires me is when motivational people give speeches that are empowering. Whenever I hear a speech like this I am greatly inspired to do the thing they are talking about even if I did not even know what their cause was before hand.
    2. I am staking my identity with happiness. I try to be happy whenever I can. I try to be nice to everyone even if I do not like them.
    3. I do not know who is preventing me from staking my identity but it may be myself. I sometimes let things bother me more than they should and they may be preventing me.

  12. 1. What inspires me is the hard work and dedication of others. Seeing people triumph through struggle and defeat is so motivational to everyone observing them. This is because nearly everyone including myself can see the human in their inspiration, and then I believe that I can succeed like them too.
    2. I am staking my identity through joy and lightheartedness. It's safe to say that any kind of stress really wears me down and I hate it. Trying to act excited and care free convinces me that I don't have anything to worry about and I try to give that impression on others to give them the same joy that I have from it.
    3. Intense amounts of stress and negativity prevent me from staking my own identity, because when I feel there is nothing to see on the bright side I can't give off the affect that I believe there is.

  13. 1.) What inspires me is seeing other people give all they can. Even if these people are not the most talented at what they are doing. If they are giving it there all it inspires me.
    2.)I am staking my identity with happiness. It is important to be as happy as possible because without happiness there is no point to anything. What is the point of not being happy? Life is to short.
    3.) People who are never happy prevent me from staking my identity. If a person is not happy all they do is bring others down because of this it is hard to stake an identity.

  14. 1.I am inspired by skiing. When I look over and see a crazy stunt or if a skier just had a perfect line in the bumps, it makes me jealous. I want to learn, grow and become better. Seeing that I can accomplish this gives me that drive to keep going, even if I think I can’t do it.
    2.I am staking my identity with loving the outdoors and helping people. Any chance I can get, I will be outside (preferably in the mountains.) One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that I helped somebody in a time of need.
    3.The amount of time and my age keeps me from being who I am. I can’t hike or ski everyday. I still need to learn how to live my life.

    1. its so cool how you can see others skiing and turn that into inspiration. i hope you reach what ever goal you set out for. and i believe that you can do it whole heartedly.

  15. 1. I am inspired by life itself. Nothing gives me the need for inspiration then living my own life and figuring out what life truly is to me and how a simple mind set change can change the physical world around you. Also music inspires me greatly when I hear lyrics spoken by true prophets to life, nothing inspires me more then hearing music that for once means something meaningful.
    2.I am staking my identity with curiosity to life. I love sitting and thinking to myself outside in the forest or in my basement just thinking and researching about life itself. The science in what perceives reality to us I always found so fascinating and to spread the happiness that life has filled me with.
    3. I know who I am for the most part. There is always more to learn and figure out about yourself like beyond the physical world and the spiritual world. Although I believe life has a way of letting you know whats good and bad for you so your identity will find you all you need to do is live life and everything you desire will come.

  16. 1.) The things that inspire me in life are quite simple. The main thing that inspires me is seeing others people’s hope. When people have a strong belief or hope in things it makes me see the good in the world. When I see the good in the world no matter how small or non-important it is, seeing that good makes me want to bring the goodness out. It inspires me to do better and to try harder. To show other people that raw goodness that I saw.
    2.) I stake my identity by being truthful. I want people to know the real me. I speak truthfully to people and I don’t try to sugarcoat things if you want the truth about me I will give it to you without hesitation. This does not mean I speak without thinking but simply that I have nothing to hide and it doesn’t take long to think of the truth.
    3.) What keeps me from finding my identity or being who I am is social anxiety. The unknown judgment of people scares me, and makes me cautious to trust people. Most times I have no problem answering peoples questions right then and there but it makes me anxious when I don’t get a direct response. I end up spending my time obsessing over how others perceive me. And it scares me and makes me over analyze everything I have said. But most times everything is okay and I move on from it and am able to be the real me.

  17. 1. What inspires me is when I see amazing things, like new discovery's on the news or people doing incredible things. I love it when I turn the channel to the world news and there is a new scientific discovery like a new animal, new cures for diseases, or something is found in space. It just makes me wonder and think about how many things are out there that we don't know about yet and how there are some many things we are capable of doing.
    2. I stake my identity with positivity. I enjoy being positive and happy, I am rarely sad or mad because I don't let the small things get to me and put me down. There is always a positive way to look at something. I also stake my identity with truthfulness, I hate lying because it makes me feel horrible. I think its good to just be yourself and do what ever makes you happy.
    3. Stress and Negative people prevent me from staking my identity. I love being this age, but it is also a really stressful part of life with school and some of the people in school that bring you down either to your face or behind your back.

  18. 1. My inspiration for everything is the happiness I derive just from being able to do something. Nothing should be taken for granted and even when sometimes I feel angry about doing something I quickly change my perspective on the situation to find the silver lining. I think life has positives and that's what's meant to be focused on.
    2. I stake my identity by fitting in but being different. I can adjust to groups of people pretty well and be friendly... But I do not necessarily change who I am. I am someone who sticks out; I don't want to be the norm, I want the norm to get weird.
    3. Nothing keeps me from finding myself except me. I realize that. There are no outside interactions from the world that stop me from achieving what I was meant to achieve. If I'm not achieving something it's because I'm doing something wrong and have something to improve on or fix. I can do exactly what I was made to do when I realize I can do it.

  19. 1. What inspires me is the community I was raised in. From a young age I was taught that everyone is going to be different than the rest of the world. Helping and volunteering in my community also inspires me. When I volunteer and help those in need I hear stories that change my outlook on the world, and inspires me to fight for what I believe in because they can’t.
    2. I’m staking my identity by being a leader in the communities I belong to, and the love of the outdoors. The past two summers I have worked at a Girl Scout camp as a counselor in training in Bailey, CO. I love working with younger children, and I couldn’t be who I am to today if it wasn’t for the past two years at that camp. It’s helped me gain confidence, leadership, and has made me a better person.
    3. I over think things in my head a lot, I’m also scared of being myself in fear of getting judged and bullied by others. Also, my beliefs and values might not match up with my friend’s beliefs and values so I tend to stay quite because I value their friendship too much to get in an argument where it’s okay for people to have different opinions. But recently I’ve been trying to come out of my shell and to be who I really am, but I also don’t think I even know who I am yet.

  20. 1. What inspires me is the oppurtunity to be great at something. If you can truly do something amazing or work to do something people will remeber, I doubt there's a better feeling.
    2. I stake my identitiy in that i always do what makes me happy, It's not always the perfect thing to do but I believ doing what makes you happy is one of the most important things.
    3. If I were to choose what was stopping me from being myself I would say that it's society and the people around me are stopping or clouding my sense of identity and truly understanding who I am

  21. 1.What inspires me is dancing. Dancing is such an inspiration to me because by dancing, you can dance about anything and everything. Being able to watch and see how others interpret the music is simply amazing. By watching others dance, it allows me to not only become a better dancer, but a better person as well. People use dance to express themselves and how they feel. Letting those emotions go helps you overcome those feelings and become a happy person again!!
    2.I'm staking my identity by simply being a happy and laughing girl. I feel like by finding the best in all things doesn't only help me, but it helps the people around me! I love being that happy girl that everyone likes, because it's the real me and who I am.
    3. If I had to decide what was holding me back from being myself, it would probably be all the judgmental people out there. I don't like when people think badly about me, so if I know someone is, I always try to change who I am to make sure they are happy and like me. I know it shouldn't be this way, but it is, and I'm trying to stop it. I'm trying to not let peoples judgments define who I am.

  22. 1. What inspires me is the Lord. I have a very faith based life and God and Jesus are everything to me. I like to think that he is my opportunity to change the world and let everyone know how great he is and what an impact he has on my life. I want to change other peoples life by telling them about my beliefs and i believe that that is what he wants me to do.
    2. I stake my idenity in that i always do what makes me and others happy. I always try to give and not take, and remember that good things come to people that give not take.
    3. If i were to chose what stops me from being myself, it would probably be the people that put me under pressure or tell me something that is not true, or true to my heart.

  23. !. What inspires me is cross country because when I am thinking about how much I just want to quit I think about all the people out there who wish they could run and maybe even wish they could just walk and i start to tell myself to do it for them and thats what keeps me going in life is thinking about the less fortunate people in this world and how I can do things they wish they could do. It makes me want to go out and do the things they cant do for them.
    2.I stake my identity by happiness. I love being happy and always having a positive attitude. It so much better to live your life in the present and be happy and to go with the flow instead of being upset and thinking negatively causing you to miss big and good opportunities.
    3. The people that surround me are probably the people who stop me from being myself for an example because you want to fit in at school and not be known as the weird one or at home you want to be the perfect child for your parents and family members and meet up to everyones expectations.

  24. 1. What inspires me is music, wether its upbeat and happy or its sad and deep, listening to the words and trying to understand and feel what the artist is trying to say really inspires me.
    2. I am trying staking my identity by letting things happen as they do and not try to force things. I always try to do things that make me happy, or other people happy.
    3. I have no idea who I am yet. I think whats keeping me from finding out is that I am VERY shy around new people and i feel like if I were more outgoing I would be more comfortable with myself and be able to figure out who I am.